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There are days I really with I had a mentor. When I worked in the legal field I had one. He was an attorney I worked for back in Dallas. He’s no longer with us but during my time working for him I learned a lot. He showed me the good side of the law he worked in and opened my eyes.  Before working with Richard I thought all PI (personal injury) attorneys were ambulance chasers. Richard wasn’t and being the kind of attorney he was made him a great mentor.

 Now that I’ve changed gears and am trying to get published I wish I had a writing mentor. I know you’re probably wondering why I don’t consider my Thesis adviser a mentor. Well that’s because she didn’t really do anything for me. I excepted more like what you see and hear about on TV. and in major colleges but I didn’t get that.  I think some of my classmates got that from other professors but I fell through the cracks.

 I think I’d learn a lot from a mentor and there are a few author’s that I’d love to have as a mentor but with their schedules I doubt they’d have time. Author’s like Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs and Vicki Pettersson. Still it would be so cool to get their knowledge and have their opinions when working on edits or when I got a rejection, bad review or something related.  It would be wicked cool to run ideas off them too, because you know they’ve probably had similar thoughts. But the likelihood of something like that happening is very small. A girl can dream though and that’s what I’ll keep doing because lets face it, I may not be too Chicken to put my name and face out thereto be published but I am to chicken  to ask on of these authors to be a mentor. I know it’s silly but I don’t think I could handle their rejection. I look up to these women and want to some day stand along side them.