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Today I went to work with my Dad. Our morning was spent driving to different schools in the Tri-Cities who’ve ordered sports equipment from his company. We measured middle schools for basketball goals and checked out a high school that needed volleyball equipment.  It was fun going around with him, it’s something I haven’t gotten to do since I was a kid and back then I didn’t like it. On our way home we drove by Kings Island and if it wasn’t so hot up here and if Lucas would’ve been in town I’d of loved to play at the park, ride some rides and cat a funnel cake. We also stop by Loveland Castle which if you’ve read Kim Harrison’s  latest Rachel Morgan/ Hollows series you will remember Rachel and Al being summoned there.

I actually did get to work on some writing today. It was writing for the Paperback Dolls next article but at least I was writing. Lately its been more house hunting in Charleston then anything else. That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow we have a long drive down to Dad’s corporate office so I’1ltry and do some editing.