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So I’ve told you guys about the art work Flyboy and I have picked up lately so here is the new piece. It’s called “Pele’s Power” and the artist is Trey Surtees. Check out his other work, it’s really gorgeous. We also like his gray scale pieces.

Another artist to check out is Mary Beth Flyboy and I have commissioned her to do a piece for us as well. I actually got to meet her yesterday and she is a lovely lady and she does wonderful work. In fact one of her pieces (see below “North Shore Breeze”) is what drew Lucas and I in to the art gallery Sunday night where we found Trey’s awesome piece.

If your interested in the gallery we found these wonderful artist in check out thomadro Art Gallery. Alright now it’s time to get down to business and start on my own art.

I just remembered important news on Thursday Paperback Dolls will post an introduction into the road to getting published so check it out. My good friend Mona will be on the journey with me (I think… I’m pretty sure she said she was going to help out. :)) and I think you’ll like her stories too so make sure you check PBD on Thursday.