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It’s early and I’m awake, grumpy but awake. I say this because Flyboy and I didn’t get home until close to two from working AADD. I really don’t want to be awake yet but my house was like Grand Central Station this morning between alarm clocks, phone calls and the ringing of the door, along with the opening and closing of said door since it has an alarm on it as well. So I’m awake and I’m going to grip a little more before moving on to news that really matters.

This next grip however is something I’d like you guys to think about because last night a kid, and I say kid because he probably hasn’t hit twenty-four yet if he was even over twenty-one, made a statement and it blew me away. Not in a good way mind you. Around one a.m. while Flyboy was out picking up a drunkard with one of our friends I stayed back at the USO. After Bad Boys went off the movie Prestige came on. Towards the beginning of the movie there’s a scene where Christian Bale’s character magically appears in a girls apartment, that he like after she’s told him he can’t come in. So the guy sitting two chairs down from me goes “that’s a little crazy” I agreed with him and the guy sitting in front of the other one goes “Girls would get a kick out of that.” I respond to that my saying “Maybe in the eighteen century.” The kid goes on to tell me that if I liked a guy I would think its cute.” This kid really didn’t get it. I proceed to say “It wouldn’t matter if I liked the guy or not if he popped into my house without being invited I’d kick his ass.” The guy next to me thought my response would be appropriate but the kid told me I just didn’t get it. Maybe he is right but at thirty-two in this day and age with my knowledge and background I would think the guy wanted to hurt me. I mean the chick in the movie barely knew Christian Bale’s character and he basically brakes in. Am I really suppose to find that cute? Needless to say the kid really irritated me and to make matter’s worse he’s a military member and I prefer to hold our Soldiers to high standards. He failed. Guys never enter a chicks house if you aren’t invited and ladies if a guy enters your house when you’ve told him no something is not right, run.

Okay so that was my soapbox sorry. On to the writing. So last night I redid my query letter and I think I like this one a lot better than my first. I figured out what genre Legacy should fall under. Trying to figure that out has been driving me nuts. Why you may ask? Because even though it has supernatural aspects within it it’s not really a science fiction or fantasy piece. Granted that’s were it will probably be when it gets published but according to industry terms it doesn’t fit. It doesn’t even fit into urban fantasy well but that’s at least closer. It seems to fit under mainstream (contemporary) psychic/supernatural because the only things that are supernatural are the ghost. Yes Alexis is empathetic but in reality there are people who are more empathetic than others so I finally feel comfortable with the genre. When I finished the query I started on a new synopsis. This is a little more difficult. Did you know that most authors have two synopsis one long and one short. I didn’t I only have the one that I had to write for my writing conference. For that one I was only allowed to use a page. Well after reading the articles in Writer’s Digest – GET AN AGENT, I’ve found that my synopsis was a little off. Its a good thing the editor I sent the synopsis too had already seen the one I sent her. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t back fire, because I didn’t have a clue on what one should look like, what the length should be nothing. So I’m working on it and when I finish I’ll upload it to the Fiction page.

Also before I go, start checking out the Paperback Dolls website over the next few weeks, the journey to becoming a published author will should start to pop up. I’ll give you exact dates as I learn them.