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Today started off early. Flyboy came home at midnight so I had to pick him up and then I got to go back to sleep and wake up at a normal time – nine. So you can see my day started off rough, and at least I stayed in a good mood even though the first thing that popped up on my phone was an email from the agent I thought would be interested in Legacy. Even though they wanted more info yesterday, in the query, this morning was a no go so for the second time this week I received a rejection letter. I was a little bummed but with everything else going on that is just not something I’m going to dwell on. The editor is still looking at the first hundred pages and their are other agents out there. I work on a few things to get me back into the work mood – namely my ipod. Since it’s mishap I haven’t been editing, I like listening to music well I write and there hasn’t been music on the ipod. Yesterday and today I got most of the songs on there I’m working on the S’s. We have way too much music and trust me when I say you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we have well some of you might since you’ve let me borrow it.

Anyway Flyboy got to have lunch with me before going back out on the road he’ll be home Friday afternoon now instead of Friday night and I went back to adding songs. Now let me tell you I needed to work the Paperback Dolls asked me for my bio, a picture and the synopsis of Legacy but my brain didn’t want to function. Now thankfully it is and I was able to send them the info. Finding a picture and writing my bio took longer then I though it would. Why is it when you need a good picture you can’t find one? Granted most of the time I’m behind the lens. And the bio let me tell you I don’t like talking about myself. I was having a hard time figuring out what to put in and what not to. Pain in the butt I tell you. It’s done and next week they will have it up if all goes right. Now me and the pet are going to bed.