Today I sent out another query but it was to an agency that I’ve been trying to since one to for weeks. I finally was able to talk to someone on the phone to see if I was doing something wrong. Come to find out the stationary I was using in my email was the cause. Their filter was sending the query into the junk mail folder. Not so good. After resending the query without the stationary the agent asked me to work on the query a little more. My query wasn’t flushed out enough for her to know if I had a good manuscript or not. So today I redid my query letter and hopefully it will get a good response.

Other news for the day, friends of mine over at Paperback Dolls are talking about me possibly doing a weekly report on the road to getting published. It’s not a done deal and I’ll let you know what happens. It sounds like fun though and I think you guys would enjoy checking out the other articles, review and fun stuff they have going on over there. Maybe we’ll get something going in the next few weeks so you guys can read about that too.