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Not a lot to say today. I spent Saturday with my step-dad (Dad) on his way home from Japan, and while I did put sun tan lotion on twice I still got burned in places. Not sure how. It was overcast and rainy all morning, but I have the red burns to proof it. While I was at the beach Flyboy went hiking with his family and also got a little burned thou his was just the back of his neck. Needless to say spending all day in the sun left us tired and sleepy. Saturday night for Dad’s birthday dinner which technically was Friday but Flyboy and I took him to get sloppy burgers since he hadn’t had one in a while. We all enjoyed our sandwiches and they were sloppy. Sunday we went with the family to see The Last Airbender. It was good, I really enjoyed it. After the movie and my niece getting sick in the theater we headed back to my place, the boys went swimming and the girls stayed home to rest. There was a trip to the ER but not for my Mother in Law. My niece got to go, but when she got back see stood outside and watched the fireworks.

This morning Flyboy headed out on the road, he’ll be gone most of the week. I made him and the guys pasta for there flight so the didn’t have to buy the food they normally eat on the plane. Military plane food is not that great, and it seems the fliers are picky about what they order from the chow hall. Also today I received word from one of the agents I’d sent a query letter too. It was a rejection letter but that’s okay I’m not taking this one hard. I really wasn’t expecting her to take it on so I’ll send out more letters and see who bits. Well tonight its just me and the pets so I better get to work on editing some more on the novel. I’ve also been thinking about the non-fiction lately and the other stories I need to work on so I really need to edit more and get this bad boy completely ready for publication.

Janet if your reading this can you design a talisman to help with creative juices for writing and editing and maybe add good luck for finding an agent or editor. 🙂  kidding, mostly. 😉 For those of you who don’t know Janet she is a dear friend and jewelry designer. You can check out her work at http://www.cadsawan.com/.