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Today I so didn’t get as much done as I thought I would. It was our squadron picnic up at Bellows. Bellows is a beach that the Air Force owns it’s also a place the Marines play war games. Anyway so I thought that I’d be able to set by the beach and work on some edits. Not…I socialized, part of it by choice and some not so much i.e. I got to watch the drunkards. As usual I was the DD and yes my husband was one of the drunkards. And now you know why I didn’t get to work today, but if you checked out the blog earlier today you would have seen that I updated it. I added a page. I hope you guys enjoy the new info. I’ve enjoyed reading the authors and so far I’m enjoying the new authors I’m getting into. I’m off for tonight I’m not sure if you’ll see me this weekend. My Dad comes in for 12 hours like Mom did and with it being Fourth of July its going to be a busy weekend. So in case I’m not back before Monday I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth.