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Okay so I didn’t get all the stuff I wanted to get done today so I don’t have pictures to load but I promise I’ll have them up this weekend. Today Flyboy, his Mom and his sister (that lives out here) and I walked up Diamond Head. We got up before the sun and finished the hike in two hours which was great. After the hike we went out to Bellows and hung out for a little while. My nephew got stung by a jelly fish…not fun. One of my nieces just wanted to stand in a hot shower (she was done with the beach). Then Flyboy and I had to take his mother to the ER from the fall she had on Tuesday with my sister in laws (her daughters). Her black eye and brushed check were fine just brushed but her pinkie finger has a small fracture. So far we’ve been doing everything correctly.

Needless to say Flyboy and I are tired and we haven’t spent much time with our babies, i.e. Cleo, Artemis and Isaac so we’re trying to give them a little attention. See you tomorrow hopefully.