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So yesterday I had a migraine which made it impossible to work on the novel. I did however have to go see Toy Story 3 but don’t ask if it was good or not I didn’t get to enjoy it since I had a migraine. Anyway we won’t get into the how or why that I went to the movie, its not important. I’ll see the movie again and I hear that it was pretty good.

As for school my last instructor is working of my grade and he’s going to let me know if he can change it. I’ll give you more information as I receive it.

Today started out good I didn’t have a headache and I was having a good day until the power went out. Then my day went down hill slightly. Do to the power outage I didn’t get to work on the novel heck I couldn’t curl my hair so that it would stay back, but that’s another story. Flyboy picked me up before his appointments and I got to eat a strawberry and whip cream waffle at WO’s (Wright Bros Cafe). It was great, and my day began to get better. Flyboy had  a game tonight but we didn’t do so hot. And then my day went to crap again as water got in the bag I was using which missed up my ipod so its now dead. Luckily nothing else got messed up and there where other electronics that were in fine just not the ipod. That’s all for tonight.