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So I haven’t posted since Thursday I had planned on posting every night but got tired and went to bed. Friday I got my hair done and while I was at the hair dressers I actually got some work done. Funny how going to the hair dresser I was able to work on my novel. I was able to work on a few other pages once I got home but not many because I had to clean the house so family could come over for dinner. Dinner was good and after dinner we went on a walk so when we got home I was ready for bed.

Saturday I got up early went to the Farmers Market. I was there with family and a friend for about an hour. When I got home I tried to work on the novel but didn’t get every far a paragraph or two it really sucked. We hung out with family all day until we came home and Lucas started studying for his test Monday and I sadly headed for bed about an hour after dinner.

Today  I woke up late, got bad news from school thanks to my adviser who took a month to tell me I could send my thesis in to get bound which then made it late. I now have an unsatisfactory for my last class and I’m not sure what I have to do to correct it. So my day wasn’t great. Lucas did make me breakfast French toast and he used the sweet bread that I ordered. It was awesome, I so love that man. I did call my Dad and emailed my step-dad happy father’s day. Flyboy had my mom call me to make me feel better about school it did a little but only so I would go and be out and about. Flyboy studied which he needed to do. His test is important it’s his Tech test so if he gets the scores he needs he’ll be a TSgt. Fingers crossed that he does well tomorrow. We really want him to make rank. After studying we met up with his family at the water park and played for four hours. Now Flyboy is studying again and I’m hopefully going to work on the novel. Have a good night and happy fathers day to all the men in your lives.