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Today I had a girlie day. I went and had my nails done and got a pedicure while I was at it. It was relaxing which was nice since I had to take Flyboy to work this morning at the butt crack of dawn. I swear if he doesn’t get the Miata fixed soon I’m going to scream. Because not only did I have to drop him off I have to pick him up around 2 A.M. when he lands. I’m not happy. So you can see why I wanted a girlie day. While my toes were being pampered I worked on Legacy and actually got a good bit done. Between last night and at the salon I was almost done rereading the 100 pages I’d sent off to the editor. I actually finished Chapter five tonight. I haven’t done to much to edit it I made changes to some tense issues and to some things I decided the story didn’t need, but overall there wasn’t much to change.

While I was out I did spend a good amount of time after being pampered in Borders. I love roaming around the bookstore. I found a few books I’m going to take a look at on my kindle and I checked out my favorite authors to see if anything new was out. Well one of my favorite authors, she had an anthology that was due out and I wanted to see if Borders had it. They did for once, the Borders out here never gets things on time and half the time I can’t find the author I’m looking for. For instance they have Kim Harrison, Rachel Morgan Series, in the Horror section at the Borders I normally go to but at the store downtown she’s in the science fiction/fantasy section. Crazy I know. The crazier thing is her anthologies are in the romance section. It’s very confusing. Today however I wasn’t looking for Kim I was looking for Carrie Vaughn, Kitty Norville Series, she just came out with a new anthology and I wanted to see if I should pick it up. It didn’t look bad and I’m going to see if it’s out on the kindle, for some reason I like the anthologies better on the kindle. It’s probably because they come out in paperback and Lucas and I are trying to collect only hardback for our library. Anyway it took forever to find the book but I did and it looked promising.

I also saw some other authors that I may want to check out, if I like them I’ll let you know. No sense telling you about a book I haven’t even tried to read yet. Well its late so I should sign off, plus I have to get up really early to pick Flyboy up. I hope everyone had a decent day.