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As you can see I’ve updated the blog. The pages at the top will take you to pages where you can read about the writing I have done. I’ll up date the fiction and poetry pages as I can, meaning when I write up a new synopsis on the other stories I’m working on I’ll post them. I’ll also update the titles that I have. There are other works but I haven’t given them titles yet. Poetry I have but I don’t want to blow up the page.

Other then the blog today has been uneventful. Besides working on the blog I’ve been watching an 2000 TV show called Witchblade it has actually giving me some ideas for things I could do with my novel later on. Between the blog and the show I haven’t gotten much done on the novel. I’ve been trying to go over it some to make sure it’s prefect. I did get to work on Legacy a little last night while watching The Tigers (Our squadron) play softball. It was fun watching them they had a double header. The first game they had trouble with but they won the second. Granted it’s always fun to watch Lucas and his friends play a little ball.

Well for now I don’t have much else to say I’ll check in tomorrow or later tonight. Have a wonderful night.