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So many may ask why am I starting a blog. Well the true is that I have to get my name out there. As a writer I have to market myself and this is a way to get people interested in my writing. And since I do want to get published I need to get out and socialize. Personally I’d like to stay locked in the house and let someone else to the work but that would do me any good. Now that I’ve finished Legacy and am sending it out its time for me to break from my shell. Besides what else am I going to do sit around and dream up my next novel. If you know me well you know I already do that. In fact many of the stories I’m working of have come from freak dreams I’ve had. Believe me don’t ask. There are some things you just don’t want to know.

So why am I calling my blog Wicked Cool Flight well for one I love the saying Wicked Cool. I happened on to an author that I’d normally never kick up on my kindle. (Yes I have a kindle and I love it.) So this author Annetta Blair wrote a book called The Kitchen Witch and in the book she uses the saying wicked cool. Well now that I’m writing and trying to get published wicked cool just seems to fit me. The flight aspect comes from my hubby Flyboy who as some of you know is a flier. So between the two of us our life is wicked cool flight we never know where it will go. Flyboy thought he was marrying a soon to be lawyer but now it looks like (fingers crossed) he’ll be married to a published author. Funny how things workout right. Instead of the money making attorney he has the starving artist. Well not exactly but close I do have enough schooling that I can still work in the legal field or possibly as a teacher while dealing with the ups and downs of being a new author.

For now I bid you oxox until tomorrow. T