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Flyboy created a homemade jumbalya. His own creation. It was awesome.

Chicken Meatballs

I made chicken meatballs to go with my homemade spaghetti. They weren’t that great, I’ll have to add them to the “what went wrong” in Calla’s Kitchen in the book. I love getting ideas for the book. I need to add more food in Legacy, since Alexis likes to cook.

Another concoction


For dinner I made a beer batter (idea from food network the Neal’s) for our green beans & green tomatoes. It was good and lite. Next time all change the beer and add more spices to add more flavor. A friend gave me some ideas for the beer.

I’ll add these into Calla’s Kitchen I think they well be a awesome addition.


Okay I updated the recipe page. Tonight I posted the Whoopie Pies and a Brownie recipe that didn’t turn ouf so hot. Later in the week I’ll add the tiramisu and the mac and cheese. Enjoy.

New PBD article


Okay just a heads up, the Paperback Dolls, posted one of my latest articles today, so stop over and check it out. I’ll post it in a few days in case you miss it.

On another note, I made whoopie pies tonight and they were/are awesome. This week I actually did a lot of cooking and baking, and I’ll post the recipes this week. However I only took pictures of the whoopie pies, all but one dessert turned out wickedly yummy. I’ll post the bad one and tell how we’re going to fix it for next time. I’ll add the mac and cheese that we did that was just okay. So be on the look out.

Until Monday have a great Sunday.


So Flyboy put my office together for the most part last night but I didn’t finish it today. And as many of you know I’ve been wanting my office put together so I could get some writing done. Instead I cooked again today. I made my chicken salad which Flyboy loves, and I made something new today, I tried my head at homemade macaroni and cheese. It wasn’t bad but we know what we want to try  in it next time and what we want to take out. I’ll create a recipe when we get one that we really like and then I’ll post it so you guys can try it but since we still want to work on it I’m not willing to post something that’s not ready yet.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to writing, Flyboy has bowling, so we’ll be eating leftovers, I’ll get my office finished the best I can and work on either poems or one of my stories.

Before I forget please stop over at the paperback dolls, they have a new review of Chloe Neill‘s soon to be released novel Drink Deep, the novels release day is November 1st.

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