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Iced Hot Chocolate


The other day I got out my good hot chocolate mix, but I wasn’t in the mood for something hot so I made hot chocolate and put ice in it. It wasn’t bad but it needs something. We’ll see what happens next time.



A belated bday present from my younger brother. Roasted cocoa beans that you brew like coffee. I can’t wait to taste it.

A Rainy Valentine’s…

Happy Valentines to all of you!!!

It’s raining here and Flyboy will be flying tonight but we do get to spend sometime together, and I’ll get to write. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was out with some old friends from Hawaii. They were having a “Martini Monday”. They had Chocolate Martini’s and while I love chocolate I don’t do martini’s so I had a rum and coke. But it was great catching up with friends and I can’t wait to do it again.

I also started a new workshop over at Savvy Authors so now I’m in two. I’m doing everything I can to help Legacy out and my other writing. I workshops have me doing a lot to make sure I have my POV’s in order and my submission package. My butt really needs to be on the ball from now on, therefore today I’m setting a goal to write at least 45 mins a day (this will include edits) and hopefully I’ll get more done.

This week I’ll add more recipes to the recipe page, some I’ve tried and something I want to try.

I’ll also be creating another sound bit from Legacy, this time it will be from chapter four. All the sound bits are from the house, and their supposed to be weary but my voice isn’t weary. I’ve been told I have a young sounding voice (on the phone) people have thought I was a kid in fact, so bear with me on the sound, if I can find a friend to or Flyboy to make it sound weary I will.

To all you wickedly awesome friends have a wicked ;) Valentine’s Day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Migraines and Chocolate

Yesterday and today I’ve had a migraine, It went away last name but came back today. While I was resting last night I got into my Food Network Chocolate mag and bookmarked the websites on my ipad. Once I was done I checked them out. I found a handful of websites that I’m in love with. One is the chocolateflowerfarm.com I can’t wait to buy some of the chocolate flowers and other flowers that they sell. Growing chocolate flowers would be so cool. I think adding the flowers into Legacy and One of the Boys will add flavor to them.  I also found a wicked cool recipe for chocolate ice cubes, which I can’t wait to try. I may even add the ice cubes to Calla’s Kitchen for her desserts.

In another mag I found a really cool shirt website, it’s whoohagear.com. There were a few shirts on the site that too. The shirts are made for runners, paddlers, walkers and so forth.

Needless to say since I was checking out websites I didn’t get to work on chapter five, not that I would have with the migraine.  When I finished checking out the websites I decided to read the latest chapter of Kim Harrison‘s A Perfect Blood on HarperCollins.com. By the time the new book comes out I’ll have a good portion of the book read I hope. I so can’t wait. The book is so good, and I don’t know if I can’t wait until the 21st.

Today after a nice long walk and after lunch I got another migraine. I want to work on chapter five and I have a new workshop that I’m in but the pain is too much. I also have blogs to edit on the same site as my workshop. Again the pain in my head is stopping me. I hope I might work on it for a few minutes tonight. Cross your fingers for me.

I still need to create synopsis for four stories, so I can post them for you. This week maybe I’ll get some of them completed.

Oh yeah, PBD has a new review of mine up. They posted it up yesterday but with my headache I wasn’t able to tell you about it.

Awesome news & Sunday cooking


My awesome news is that my cousin got is license. Some of you may wander why would this be a big deal. My cousin hasn’t been able to drive in years, he had an accident one July 4th when he jumped in to a pond head first, and he’s now paralyzed from his chest down. So the fact that he got his drivers licenses and will be getting one of those cool cars/vans to drive is awesome. I’m so proud of him, he and I grew up together in a sense. We would hang out together at grandma and grandpa’s when I’d go visit my Daddy. We’re only three years apart so we’d play He-Man and She-Ra together yeah we grew up in the 80’s.

So getting his license is better than me getting a book deal. But getting a book deal is a close second. ;-)

Cooking –   I baked this weekend.


I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They’re moist and chocolaty, I love them. I just can’t eat to many. Along with the cookies I made my Witches Brew, and its as good as I remember it. However before I could start cooking Flyboy and I had to go downtown to one of my favorite shops, the Spice & Tea Exchange.


We didn’t buy all the spices that are in the picture but we did buy most of them, there’s only about three spices that we didn’t buy this weekend.

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend too.

Chocolate Fest

Okay so I’ve now tried all the chocolate for the Chocolate Fest and the best was the toffee from Toffee Treats. You can check them out at Toffee Treats the dark chocolate was the best. They had white chocolate with cranberries and milk chocolate. I think I’m going to order some dark this week. Unless Flyboy orders me some. ;) Happy Chocolate eating.

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