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2011 favorites and disappointing

Top five favorite books of the year –

Pale Demon by Kim Harrison,

A Discovery of Withes by Deborah Harkness,

Kitty’s Big Trouble by Carrie Vaughn,

The Neon Graveyard by Vicki Pettersson,

Hard Bitten & Drink Deep by Chloe Neill.

Disappointing books of 2011 –

Something Deadly This Way Comes by Kim Harrison,

Passion by Lauren Kate,

Ghost Story by Jim Butcher,

Even though I like River Marked by Patricia Briggs a lot it wasn’t as good as some of the above.



Over the next few weeks I’ll have some reviews for you. Currently I’m reading Neon Graveyard by Vickie Petterssson and the latest Maddison Avery by Kim Harrison. Lauren Kate’s Passion is out and downloaded in my Kindle and Carrie Vaughn’s latest Kitty Norville will be come the 28th, so as you can see I have a lot of reading doing on and I still need to write something new, edit and work on critiques at the same time. Gotta love it. So we’ll see how all that works out. I’ll keep you posted. I did write my article for PBD so stay on the look out for that. Untill next time keep reading.

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