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One of the Boys (My Screenplay)

Downtown Austin from across Town Lake.

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With all the issues arising not that Texas A&M is moving to the SEC and the last University of Texas v Texas A&M game played last night I’m not sure what I’m going to do with One of the Boys. The setting in this work is Austin and I write about the different football games being played within the play, soon too be turned back into a novel. My characters, at least the main ones in Calla’s restaurant either attended Texas Tech, UT or Texas A&M and the story takes place during football season. It sucks that I’m going to have to take out the Texas A&M game since the historic battle won’t be played anymore. This is one of those time when I wish a writer didn’t have to get everything right. Granted I did write the story when the two teams would still meet on Thanksgiving and play the Lone Star showdown but with history changing how can I keep this game in the pages. I’m not sure if the readers would be happy with it in or if it would be believable now that they won’t be playing. I’m at a loss with this and I hope things workout with the story when I remove this part, it’s not an important part but having the story in Austin with football discussed and listened too on the radio its a tidbit that is culturally and historically important. I just want to bang my head against the wall for this predicament.

Not what I had intended this morning . . .

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I must have been, oh . . . ten or so?  And if I was careful, I could stretch my allowance into two books down at the Little Professor bookstore.  I distinctly remember sitting on the floor between the aisles trying to choose between a Ben Bova trilogy and a Heinlein.  If I went with the Heinlein, I could get two, you see, but the trilogy was huge, and that made me feel important.  Three stores down past the pet shop was a branch of a the public library where they would let me take six more books home with me.  Sometimes, I’d have one read before we got home.

It was at that library that I found a small slim book with a girl surrounded by dragons on it.  I liked spaceships, but I liked dragons and wizards, too, and I can remember to this day the feeling of…

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The End of a Historic Battle

Last night was the end of a historic showdown in Texas history. The Lone Star showdown has been played for 118 years, its one of the longest College rivalries in the Nation. Last night was the last game The University of Texas and Texas A&M will play on Thanksgiving and possible ever. It was an intense game 27-25 and the battle wasn’t easy. This game will be missed. At half time th Aggies were winning but the Longhorns came back to win. In Kyle Field at half the horns gave the Aggies a awesome send off as the go to the SEC, the University of Texas band played thanks for the memories and spelled out Thanks A&M, I wasn’t there but seeing the picture on TV made me tear up. If I can find the half time show I’ll post it.

There is such a long history between these two school, and it sucks that they are calling it quites, maybe the big wings will get their heads out of their butts and bring this important game back. Otherwise we’ll only be able to watch reruns or The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, while its a good movie its not the same as watching a great battle.

So long Texas A&M, we hate to see you go, you will be missed and maybe some day this historic battle will be fought again.


Thanksgiving China




Here are pictures of our Thanksgiving table before we have lunch. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, today Flyboy and I are celebrating thanksgiving with his Mom, so we did get family in. We are having, a smoked turkey, spiral ham, homemade mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, corn and my grandma C’s broccoli casserole. We also set the table with china from my grandma H’s set that she got for my mom & daddy (I think it might be the first time its been used). The china used to be in a china hutch at my mom’s and we never pulled it out. I’m excited to use it today and to have so much history on this thanksgiving when I’m missing s many family members.

I hope you have a wickedly awesome day and get to share in some family fun and history as well.

If you go out on Black Friday please be safe.

Thankful Week

As I’ve stated this week, it’s Thankful week over at Paperback Dolls. Today they have posted my article on who I’m thankful for. I’ll post it tomorrow, but I’d love for you to stop by PBD to check out all the Dolls post of what they are thankful for, mine of course is about the Dolls and Kim Harrison.

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